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Redditch Model Railway Exhibition

Exhibition Awards

At each Redditch Model Railway Exhibition we invite the visitors to vote for what they think is the best layout at the show. We feel rather than a group of our club members doing the judging that does happen at some shows this creates a far more balanced result.

The cup we award is the John Jones Memorial Cup. John was a founder member of our club and was elected our Vice President on 2nd February 1971 and President on 5th March 1981 a post he held until his death on 15th October 1999 aged 82. John had an infectious enthusiasm for model railways and being a skilled engineer by profession he was very proficient at model making using timber as a basis in many scales. Many of us in the Club owe much to John in teaching us the art of model making. We know John would be deeply humbled to think we make this award in his name each year.

Recent Winners:  

County Gate - September 2008

Kingswear  - September 2009

Victoria Road - September 2010

Rowington for Shrewley - September 2011

Abbey Road - September 2012

Parsons Lumber Company Camp 93  - September 2013

Clarendon - September 2014

Cheltenham South & Leckhampton - September 2015

Llantwy - September 2016

Vale of Oxbury - September 2017

EU (le Treport) Depot - September 2018

29th Street Wharf - September 2019

As the 2020 & 2021 events were cancelled no award were made

Bewdley - September 2022

Remote Depot - September 2023

Bond Lane - March 2024

By the way we make a point of not awarding this cup to any of our own club layouts. This not because many of you don't think they are deserving of an award but we are keen to celebrate the quality of our visiting layouts to our exhibitions.