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Look out for the June 2017 edition of Railway Modeller which is not only the 800 edition of the magazine but also has a feature article on 50 years of Redditch Model Railway Club.

2017 is our 50th Anniversary year so look out for events to mark this significant milestone for Worcestershire's oldest model railway club



Dagnell End - The Trains

Virtually all of the Southern Region multiple units that run on Dagnell End were scratch built by Club Member, Ken Bridger who is the owner of the metal kit manufacturer Genesis Kits. Ken originally made the units to run on an exhibition layout called Portsea he built a number of years ago. As originally made all of the units were powered by Triang Hymek motor bogies which we have now upgraded to the current Hornby motor bogie found in such locomotives as their Class 73. The following pictures are some of the stock Ken has produced:

This is the Motor Brake Second Open from a 4 COR. Numbered 3142 after the one that has been preserved   This is a 2 car 2HAP. The coaches are based around a Lima vehicle with new sides and front.
These are the driving cars from a 4LAV. Again the coaches are based around a Lima vehicle with new sides and front. This is one of the driving cars from a 4TC. Again the coaches are based around a Lima vehicle with new sides and front.

All the sides on the coaches are constructed from 30 thou plastic card and 10thou blank surrounds for the windows. These are the scratch built units that will run on Dagnell End:  

Set Number Unit Type Livery DCC Address Number Kadee couplings fitted
418 4TC Blue N/A yes
5043 4EPB Green 5043 yes
2127 2BIL Green 2127 no
6058 2HAP Blue 6058 yes
7008 4BEP Green 7008 yes
2939 4LAV Green 2939 no
7301 4CIG Green 7301 yes
7044 4BIG Green 7044 yes
3142 4COR Green 3142 no
3078 4BUF Green 3078 no


All units (except the TC) have been re-motored using the latest Hornby motor that is used in the Class 73 and Class 101 DMU and each have been fitted with a DCC chip made by either Bachmann or Lenz. We have fitted Kadee couplings to those units that would have in reality had buckeye couplings.