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Norgove Introduction

Exhibition Manager Details 

We are currently constructing a new exhibition layout which will be called Norgrove  It is based in the South of Birmingham on the former Midland Railway mainline from Birmingham to Bristol and set in the mid 1970's. It is being  modelled in 4mm scale and operated using DCC. The name is an amalgam of the 'Nor' from Northfield where the layout will take the island platform from that station and the 'grove' from Bromsgrove with an oil terminal. The name Norgrove also fits into the Club's layout naming convention of using local place names in and around Redditch. The real Norgrove is a small settlement to the south of Redditch and is nowhere near the rail line .Unusually, we started construction with a full sized mock up and this went onto help construct the actual baseboards.

Exhibition Details

Layout Owner : The Redditch Model Railway Club 

Number of operators required : six  

Layout size : 18ft x 10½ ft–  – The layout is operated from the central well and has scenery on three of the four sides 

Expenses :  We would expect reimbursement for out of pocket expenses for members and or The Club following the exhibition of this layout. The transport for this layout would involve the hire of short wheel base Transit type van.

Layout Availability :  The layout is NOT likely to be available for exhibition until 2026