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Monthly Club News

May 2022: At the beginning of the month we completed the track laying on the new Barrie Island test track layout. Work is continuing on the buildings for our Norgrove layout. We had a great weekend in the company of former Redditch branch locomotive 46443 and 600 Gordon amongst other things at the Engine House at Highley at the Severn Valley Railway exhibiting our Oakenshaw layout on the 7th and 8th May.

April 2022: Work this month has centered on the construction of the new baseboard for the new club test track Barrie Island III and work to iron out a number of track joint issues on Arrowmouth as well, as still making new building for our Norgrove layout.  We have also completed the wiring upgrades on the Auch Ae layout which were tested on 21st April. As has now become customary club nights on Thursdays also involve eating of cake. We get a different cake made for us every week !

March 2022: We started the month by taking our Arrowmouth layout to the Wombourne Model Railway Show on Saturday 5th March where the layout both ran well and as usual as well received by the visitors. The Wombourne show confirmed we still needed to relay the track over one of the baseboard joints between the scenic section and fiddle yard on Arrowmouth. We started work on this project as soon as we returned from the show. It has involved removal of some of scenery to get at the baseboard joint. The timber has been purchased for the new Barrie Island III test track and work started on assembling the layout on Tuesday 29th March.

February 2022: We are continuing with the completion of the improvements to our Arrowmouth's fiddle yard in ready for its planned exhibition commitments in 2022. By the middle of the month the fiddle yard was ready for testing. Work is continuing on the buildings for our new Norgrove layout. Planning has started for the construction of a mark III of the club test track, Barrie Island, which will mean us constructing a new lighter weight board using the same techniques we have perfected when making our recent new baseboards for other layouts.

January 2022: We start our 55th Anniversary year still making improvements to Arrowmouth's fiddle yard and construction of buildings for our new Norgrove layout. Work on the fiddle yard has progress well with only some of the rewiring to complete and the fitting of new support legs to the baseboards. We have also seen two new members join us in recent weeks and we still have space for more !