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Redditch Station the Stone Trains 

During the 1970's and early 1980's a key feature at Redditch Station were the ARC stone trains. With the construction of the new town there was a need for stone for the use in the construction of new roads. The stone came from Tytherington Quarry in Gloucestershire. These trains ran up the Lickey Incline and to avoid running the train around to gain access to the Redditch branch they ran via the Camp Hill line through New Street Station and back via the West Suburban line so that they could run straight onto the Redditch branch.
A pair of Class 25's arrive at Redditch with morning stone train The Class 25's wait for the morning trains to depart before the their train is shunted
wagons in the yard after unloading The Goods shed 
View from the footbridge of the Goods Shed    View across the yard from the footbridge with the station in the distance  
47324 awaiting the road at Barnt Green with the morning stone train to Redditch    47324 has arrived at Redditch and prepares to shunt the wagons   

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