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Our Club Rooms

The Redditch Model Railway Club was formed on Thursday 1st June 1967 at the White Hart Public House in Headless Cross, Redditch. Since then the Club has had four homes:

The first club room

This large double garage at the rear of the Co-op store in Evesham Street in Redditch town centre was the first home of Redditch Model Railway Club from 1st June 1967 until around 18th August 1970. The building was around 18ft x 12ft and had one sky light.  It was located under what is now part of the Kingfisher Shopping Centre and is about where the stock room is of the former "Next" store between the Waterstones Book Shop and Coffee1 in the present shopping centre.

The second club room

Due to redevelopment of the town centre by the Redditch Development Corporation the Club had to move from it's first home. Following agreement with the Trustees of the Smallwood Alms House the Club relocated to an attic room in their building in Smallwood from 18th August 1970. The room which was around 36ft by 25ft was located above the central function room in the building. One of the two windows in the room is shown in the picture to the left between the name of building. This base provided stability for the Club and was home for the 27 years. Due to redevelopment of the building the Club moved out on 28th February 1997.


The third club room

From 28th February 1997 the Club moved to Park House (150 Evesham Street) which at the time was leased by the Women's Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS) from Redditch Borough Council mainly for the provision of the town's meals on wheels service. The Club made use of a number of rooms within the building. There was a change in landlord in 2000 when the WVRS re-located. The building had suffered from a lack of any real maintenance for many years and in early 2006 the Council finally decided the building was uneconomic to keep and repair. The Council decided to demolish the building which was finally approved at a meeting of the Council on Monday 23rd October 2006. Redditch Model Railway Club continued to use the building until Tuesday 27th June 2006 when we moved to our fourth home. Park House was demolished during August and September 2007.

After many years of being a vacant plot of land developers started the construction of a mix use development of shops and apartments on the site at the end of February 2016. However before much construction took place the site was put up for sale by the developer. Following a sale of the site the plans for the new building were changed so that the development only includes apartments. On competition the new building has been called Bonham House. 

The forth club room

On Tuesday 27th June 2006 the Club moved into it's fourth home which is contained within this much larger industrial unit on one of the Industrial Estates in Redditch.