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Don't forget the 2024 Redditch Model Railway Exhibition is on the 2nd and 3rd March (a change from the normal September date)

We have now built a new club test track - Barrie Island III

We mothballed our club test track Barrie Island at the start of the pandemic in March 2020 because of the Covid restrictions.

We realized the test track was too bulky and heavy so the decision was taken to rebuild it using lighter weight baseboard made of plywood.

The plywood for the baseboard was acquired in March 2022 and was cut to size. The next stage was assembling the baseboard and then transferring all track from the current layout.

Being the third version of the test track it is now known as Barrie Island III.

The test track is named Barrie Island as it is named after the club member Barrie Summers who looks after it.

Progress on the new Barrie Island III was very quick and  is now up and running on club nights

The timber arrived in the Club Room on Tuesday 29th March 2022   By Thursday 12th April 2022
 the layout had been completed. A link to a film of the first train is below 

  Link to a film of the first train running on Barrie Island