Dennis Enviro 200

44511/4/5  DK57SPZ/MX07OZD/MX10DXU

With a need for additional newer vehicles in the First Group fleet they have in recent years turned to the second hand market of buses mainly sold through the vehicle dealer  Ensignbus. In the summer of 2012 First acquired 6 Enviro 200 vehicles from Ensignbus  and two were allocated to Worcester. They are DX57 SPZ and MX07OZD  which were new with Leeway Bus Co of Holywell in North Wales in November and March 2007 respectively. The vehicles arrived in Worcester on the 29th and 30th August 2012 respectively in the latest version  of the corporate livery. Both lacked local fleet names (which they were latter fitted with) and fleet numbers. Both entered service quickly though for a number of weeks neither carry fleet numbers or any form of destination display other than pieces of paper in the windscreen. On July 25th 2013 MX10DXU arrived at Worcester. This vehicle had been operated by Premier of Nottingham and arrived via Ensign Bus. The vehicle was placed in store before it was prepared for service. On Saturday 3rd May 2014 45511 was reallocated to Hereford Garage from Worcester mainly to work a new contracted service 34. On closure of Hereford Garage all three vehicles ended up at Worcester Garage. They were not the most reliable of vehicles and during the Summer of 2019 all three moved to First PMT. livery.

Registration Number

Fleet Number

Body type

Seating Capacity

Date into Service

Current Allocation




Alexandra Enviro 200 SFD321AR17GY10479


Sept 2012

Withdrawn Transferred to First PMT 7/19

First Urban 7/12



Alexandra Enviro 200  SFD321AR16GY10107


Sept  2012

Withdrawn Transferred to First PMT 7/19

First Urban 7/12



Alexandra Enviro 200  SFD3B1AR59GY11411


14th October 2013

Withdrawn Transferred to First PMT 6/19

First Urban 8/13

Livery Key : First Urban - is the latest corporate Firstgroup livery (The dates in brackets are when the vehicle was last repainted).