Optare metrocity


The Optare MetroCity is an integral midibus manufactured by Optare since 2013. Originally aimed at the London market, the MetroCity is based on the existing Optare Versa, which continues to be produced separately. In the UK market, longer variants of the MetroCity have replaced the Optare Tempo SR. The first prototype was delivered to London United. The MetroCity is available in five lengths, with the V990MC, V1010MC, V1060MC, V1080MC and V1152MC models measuring 9.9m, 10.1m, 10.6m, 10.8m and 11.52m long respectively. The shorter models were designed to replace the Optare Solo SR in London, while the longer models were to replace the Optare Versa and Optare Tempo SR in the London market. Although the Solo SR and Versa remain in production, the Tempo SR has now been entirely discontinued in the UK market with the introduction of the MetroCity due to poor sale. In 2016 whilst Central Buses’ was associated with a number of other bus companies part owned by Julian Peddle a bulk order was placed for MetroCity vehicles with examples entering the Central Buses, Centrebus and D&G Buses fleets. Three entered the Central Buses fleet for use on the 125 bus route from Stourbridge to Bridgnorth via Kidderminster. When Diamond Bus took over  Central Buses in February 2018 the vehicles entered their fleet and still do operate the service 125 as well as other Kidderminster area bus services.

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Type Seating Capacity

Current Allocation

YJ16DDL 30972 Optare Metrocity V1080MC SAB4HD2A6GS400101 B40F Kidderminster
YJ16DDN 30973 Optare Metrocity V1080MCSAB4HD2A6GS400102 B40F Kidderminster
YJ16DDO 30974 Optare Metrocity V1080MCSAB4HD2A6GS400108 B40F Kidderminster