Dennis Javelin

21083 & 21086 -  8683LJ & OJI8786

Two Dennis Javelin based coaches arrived at Worcester on Saturday 10th January 2004 from First Avon and Somerset who had been using them at their Taunton Garage. Dennis Javelin based vehicles never figured very highly in the Firstgroup fleet with only a hand full scattered across the operating subsidiaries. The two vehicles that have joined the First Midland fleet are unique within the group as they have 11-metre long bodies whereas the rest had12-metre bodies. The vehicles 8683LJ and OJI8786 were originally registered  E474/5FWV respectively. Until the introduction of National fleet numbers the vehicles had carried the fleet numbers 8025 and 8026 respectively. Both vehicles entered First Wyvern service at Evesham during the week beginning Saturday 17th January 2004 for use on school contract services and proved unpopular with the drivers due to both having manual gearboxes. These new Worcestershire County Council school contracts came about as a result of the closure of the small coach firm Phillips of Dormston near Inkberrow. OJI8786 became the first vehicle First Midland Red operated with a national fleet number as it arrived carrying the number. Both vehicles were fitted for one person operation with a ticket machine and rather rudimentary cash trays. On arrival with the First Midland Red in January 2004 they were officially numbered 400 and 401. However, 400 entered service still carrying  the national fleet number 21083 (see picture above). Both vehicles were officially reallocated their national fleet numbers when First Midland Red adopted the system in March 2004. With the end of the school year in July 2004 21086 was de-licensed and put into store at Evesham. The vehicle was finally withdrawn in January 2005.

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Duple 320



Withdrawn - 4/06 - sold to James Tamworth 5/06

Barbie 2




Duple 320



Withdrawn 1/05 - sold to James Tamworth 6/05

Green and white