Optare Tempo


With the purchase of the Johnsonís bus operation in May 2022 four very unusual vehicles for a Rotala fleet joined the Diamond Bus fleet at Redditch on Sunday 29th May 2022. These Optare Tempo vehicles had been in the Johnsonís fleet from new. All four like the other vehicles joining the fleet had their Johnsonís branding removed and Diamond bus branding was applied over the Johnsonís livery until the vehicles could be repainted in the standard two tone Diamond Bus livery. 30981 remained in the Diamond fleet for a matter of weeks before the vehicle sustained a major engine failure that was uneconomic to repair and the vehicle was quickly sold for scrap.

Registration Number Fleet Number Body type Seating Capacity Current Allocation
YJ59GEY 30978 Optare Tempo X1200 SABMW6AS09L280130 B43F Withdrawn 7/22
YJ59GFA 30979 Optare Tempo X1200 SABMW6AS09L280112 B43F Withdrawn 8/22
YJ59GFE 30980 Optare Tempo X1200 SABMW6AS09L280128 B43F Withdrawn 8/22
YJ10MHA 30981 Optare Tempo X1200 SABMW6AS0AB280164 B43F Withdrawn 7/22 and sold to Willenhall Commercials for scrap 7/22