Bus Service Changes

The following is a chronology of bus service changes in the Redditch area 

15th |February 2024 Diamond bus introduced additional peak time morning and evening journeys on the Service 182 and 183. Route revised to both connect Barnt Green and Longbridge Rail Stations Journeys from Redditch to Bromsgrove are numbered 182 and 183 in the opposite direction.

2nd September 2023 All Green Bus services have been withdrawn meaning they will no longer operate their 501 and 502 services through Redditch to various Alcester Schools. As a result Diamond bus have extended their 247A service from Redditch to Alvechurch to provide school links from Alvechurch to Alcester to replace the 501 service. Diamond bus will also be operating a new 502 from Kings Heath to Alcester to virtually replace the Green bus journeys. Also the timetable of the 149 from Redditch to Worcester are adjusted to accommodate changes in Worcester College times.

28th August 2022 On service X19 alternate journeys are diverted via the Alexandra Hospital in line with the current Sunday route. On Services 11 and 12 the timetables were amended at weekends. One service 52 the 1935 Kidderminster to Bromsgrove was withdrawn. On service 52A the section from Bromsgrove bus station to the Princess of Wales Hospital was withdrawn. On service 62 the frequency was increased to hourly, and journeys were diverted via the Amazon warehouse.  Service 67 is withdrawn but the section of route from the Alexandra Hospital to the town centre was covered by a diversion of the service 247. On the remainder of the 247 frequencies are adjusted with a significant reduction in service on Saturdays.  

22nd July 2022 School service 812 is withdrawn without replacement

9th May 2022 Saturday 7th May 2022 saw the end of local bus operation in Redditch by Johnson's. Due to staff shortages this was three weeks earlier than planned. Services 150, 149 and 64 transferred to Diamond Bus. Service 150 was cut back to terminate in Kings Heath. The Redditch to Bromsgrove College contract s R1 and B1  also moved to Diamond Bus together with the S83 school service to Bromsgrove High School.

25th April 2022 The Johnsons service 150 Birmingham to Worcester via Redditch is split back into its 3 component parts with the Birmingham to Redditch section retaining the 150 number and the 64 number being reintroduced for the local Redditch journeys around Greenlands and Lodge Park and the Worcester to Redditch journeys being numbered 149.There are consequent timetable changes resulting in reductions in frequency. The 150 service was revised in the Redditch area so that it runs via the Alexandra Hospital instead of Church Hill. The service now runs via Washford and the A435 through Mapplebourgh Green.

29th August 2021 Service 55 and 43 are merged together and renumbered 52A to run from Alexandra Hospital to Bromsgrove via Redditch Town Centre. At the same time service 42 is renumbered 52. Service 70 is renumbered 12 and diverted via the Alexandra Hospital. Service 47 and 48 are curtailed to run from Washford Mill to the town centre via Crabbs Cross and Webheath and renumbered 11 in both directions.

6th January 2020 Johnsons Service 150 is slightly revised in route at Branson's Cross

30th June 2019 Peak hour journeys on the service 146 are withdrawn by the merging of some journeys

25th February 2019 Johnsons services 150, 350 and 64 are merged into a single service. Many journeys run through to Worcester from Redditch via largely the former 64 and 350 routes

13th November 2018 Minor timetable amendments to the services 47 and 48 to improve reliability

3rd September 2018 School Service S69 is withdrawn due to poor usage and the Alcester school service 182 is renumbered 301 as a local bus service

29th April 2018 Further minor timetable changes were made to the Johnson’s buses routes 64,150 and 350

8th February 2018 Further slight changes to the service 150 timetable between Redditch and Birmingham

2nd January 2018

Timetables on service 47 and 48 are slightly revised. Services 52 and 65 are taken over by Diamond bus with revisions to the timetable. Service 150 is split in two at Redditch. The Birmingham to Redditch section will become limited stop with some journeys extending across Redditch. The Redditch to Worcester section of 150 is renumbered 350 and timetable is revised. Service 64 is taken over by Johnson’s on a revised timetable. Service 354 Droitwich to Redditch will be run by Finesse Coaches. School service S70 is withdrawn

3rd September 2017 Timetable is slightly revised on the service 150.

29th January 2017

Service 47 and 48 timetables are revised with earlier journeys on the latter. Service 51 frequency reduced from every 10 to every 12 minutes. Service 55 will no longer serve Woodrow South and the timetable revised as a result. Service 57 and 58 the timetables are revised slightly. Earlier journeys are introduced on service 62. Service 64 journeys are diverted via the new Asda store. Service 67 journeys diverted via Woodrow South to replace the service 55. The frequency of service 70 is increased to half hourly

18th December 2016 Stagecoach and Diamond service 26 from Redditch to Stratford is renumbered X19. The renumbering is because many Stagecoach journeys continue to/from Coventry.

23rd October 2016 Johnson’s services 150, 350 and X50 are revised with the X50 and 350 journeys incorporated into a revised service 150 which is extended from Redditch to Worcester. Journeys will no longer serve Tanhouse Lane in Church Hill, Beoley or much of the New Town as journeys will run via Moans Moat and directly into town centre. From the same date the Dudley’s shopper journey on the 350 will be incorporated into the revised 150.   

3rd October 2016 Most daytime Stagecoach service 26 journeys are retimed to operate 10 minutes later throughout.

22nd May 2016 Services 42 and 43 are diverted via the new Bromsgrove rail station

10th April 2016

New hourly service 42 from Redditch to Kidderminster via Bromsgrove was introduced to replace the X3 which is withdrawn by Diamond bus running via Tardebigge instead of the Bromsgrove Highway. Service 143 is renumbered 43 and is taken out of the Bromsgrove Morrison’s Store

7th September 2015 The off peak Stagecoach Service 26 will no longer serve Haselor and Great Alne during off-peak periods. The routes of S45 and S55 to South Bromsgrove High School that are operated by First are revised

1st September 2015 New Services 47 and 48 are introduced. The 47 runs via current 56H to the Hospital and then into the town Centre via the current 57A via the New Town and the 48 operates in the opposite direction. Service 55 will just run two way from the Town Centre via Oakenshaw and Tesco to the Hospital and diverted via Woodrow South. Services 56, 55H and 56H, 57A and 58A are withdrawn.  All service 64A journeys will now run as 64 journeys and not serve Lakeside. Service 67 will be diverted via Lakeside and taken out of Woodrow South. Timetables of services 51, 57, 58, 62, 70 and 143 are revised to improve reliability. There are additional peak journeys on service 146.

31st May 2015 Sunday service 248 was withdrawn and replaced in part by a new service 26A which runs Stratford to Redditch via Alexandra Hospital and operated by Stagecoach. In addition the last round trip on the 26 is now operated by Diamond Bus

1st September 2014

Service 50 is withdrawn and replaced by new service 53 which is operated by Redditch Dial a Ride. Service 52 Withdrawn, Services 55/55A/56/56A Service revised with reduced frequency and all journeys will serve Grangers Lane and the route is extended to serve Webheath. Journeys via the Alexandra Hospital will be renumbered 55H / 56H.Service 60 Service is withdrawn, see new services 62 and 65 for partial replacement service. Services 61/63 are withdrawn, Service 62 New service operated by Green Bus that combines current 60 and 61 services as a one way circular. Service 64 Most journeys are rerouted to serve Lakeside and renumbered 64A. Service 65 operated by Redditch Dial-a-Ride Redditch Arthur Jobson House - Redditch. Service 67 operated by Diamond Redditch Greenlands Studley New hourly service partly replacing service 143. Service 143 Route revised, to operate between Bromsgrove centre and Redditch centre only, Service 182/183 now operated by Johnsons Coaches to a revised timetable. Service 350 Revised service to be operated by Dudley's Coaches and Johnson's Coaches.

23rd February 2014 Service 59 withdrawn and one service 57 and one 58 journey an hour is diverted via Alexandra Hospital as 57A and 58A

29th July 2013 May of the X50 journeys now run via the Alexandra Hospital and Redditch new town and are renumbered 150

17th June 2013 The 50A service reduced to two journeys a day

31st May 2013  Following the reduction in subsidy for the 70A journeys the frequency of the 70/70A is reduced

3rd March 2013 With the sale of Redditch Garage of First Midland to Rotala PLC (Parent company of Diamond bus) all First Midland Red routes were transferred to Diamond Bus. The were no change in timetable except for reductions in frequency on the the 51, 57 and 58 routes. Diamond Bus actually ran the routes under hire to First Midland Red until Tuesday 5th March whilst waiting for the approval of the Traffic Commissioner to allow the transfer of operation between the companies

24th November 2012 Diamond will introduce a new hourly 70A service to serve the new childrens play centre, Imagination Street in Astwood Bank The combined 70 & 70A services will now provide a 30 minute frequency during the daytimes between Redditch Bus Station and Astwood Bank.

4th November 2012 Redditch Dial a Ride have introduced a new service 59 from Church Hill, Winyates, Matchborough to the Alexandra Hospital on an hourly off peak basis on Mondays to Fridays

29th October 2012 Diamond Bus have introduced an additional journey on Service 57 at 1846 and revised last journeys on Service 58 so that their last departure is at 1840

3rd September 2012 Diamond Bus increased their peak frequency on services 57 and 58

22nd July 2012 First will be extending the operation of the services 57 and 58 until 2230 on Friday and Saturday evenings. Service 143 is curtailed to operate between Catshill and Studley via Redditch. Journeys via Grangers Lane on the services 55 and 56 are renumbered 55A and 56A. Other 55 and 56 Journeys run directly via Rough Hill Drive. In the Daytime only one journey per hour runs via Grangers Lane. The timetable of the service 51 is slightly adjusted

22nd April 2012 The Sunday and Bank Holiday service 248 is taken over by Johnson's from First without change to route or times. The late afternoon timetable on the X3 is revised on Mondays to Saturdays and the Sunday timetable is retimed with an additional journey in both directions in the late afternoon

16th April 2012 The times of the service 60 in the Matchborough West area are very slightly adjusted

12th February 2012 New Service 52 has been introduced by Redditch dial a ride from Webheath to the new Abby Stadium via Batchley on Monday to Fridays. Also Diamond Bus have withdrawn all of their journeys on the 57 and 58 after 1822 thus meaning there is no longer any service after 2030 when the First Midland Red operation finishes

4th September 2011

Service 50 is taken over by Diamond Bus with additional peak hour journeys, the evening and Sunday 55A and 56A are withdrawn with amendments to the Weekday 55 and 56 services. On services 57 and 58 there are minor amendments to the timetable. Services 60, 63 and 64 are taken over by Diamond Bus with the 64 no longer serving the Hospital. The Sunday service 70 is withdrawn with amendments to Ridgeway School journey. Services 76 and 77 are withdrawn. The evening and Sunday journeys on routes 145 and 146 are withdrawn. Some service 145 (which will be operated by First – 21 years since they last ran this route) will be extended to Redditch from Bromsgrove with all journey terminating at Longbridge Rail Station. Sunday service 247 is taken over by First and renumbered 248 running via the 28 route from Bidford to Evesham. Sunday service 334 is withdrawn and replaced by a limited X3 Sunday service. The timetables on school services S70, S71, S91, S94, S95 are amended. Services  S90 and S92 are withdrawn.

4th July 2011 Following Harding's Coaches going into administration on Friday 1st July 2011 First have taken over the operation of services 60, 63, 76, 77 and S69 on a short term basis under contract to Worcestershire County Council

24th June 2011 Finesse Coaches stopped operating the X50 and Johnson's Coaches stepped in under contract to Worcestershire County Council

5th June 2011 Diamond Bus operated daytime journeys serving Alexandra Hospital (57A, 58A) will no longer serve the Hospital and will operate as service 57 and 58. The X50 was taken over by Finesse Coaches run the service on behalf of Solihull Travel Ltd.

31st May 2011 Stagecoach have revised the times of their early evening journeys on service 26

20th May 2011 The services operated by Solihull Travel were suspended after operation on Friday 20th May. As a result the X50 service did not operate on Saturday 21st May. From Monday 23rd May until Saturday 4th June 2011 the service X50 was operated by Johnson's of Henley in Arden on a temporary basis.

25th April 2011 Diamond reduce the service 70 from every 20 minutes to every 40 minutes. A new operator Solihull Travel will introduce a new service X50 from Birmingham to Redditch to replace the Diamond Bus service 178 which is withdrawn. Route as 178 except it will not operate via the New Town and the Hospital and will run directly to the Town Centre from Church Hill. Service 64 (reduced to 3 round trips a day) and school service S70 are taken over by First from Diamond Bus. The 0812 service 26 from Stratford to Redditch is withdrawn and all remaining journeys on the 26 operated by First are Schooldays only. Service 50 is taken over by First and the service 350 journeys currently run by Diamond will be operated by Worcestershire's Fleet Transport services

16th April 2011 Times of some seervice 66 and 67 journeys are slightly ajusted and service 68 is cut back to operate from Redditch to Webheath only every 30 minutes.  The times of some First journeys on routes 57 and 58 mainly on a Sunday are retimed

21st March 2011 Diamond have withdrawn all of their service 55 and 56 journeys 

 21st February 2011 Diamond retimed their early morning and evening peak journeys on the 57/57A/58/58A to be just ahead of the journeys operated by First

4 January 2011 First have withdrawn their service 70 and replaced in part by service 68 which is extend from the Bus Station to Crabbs Cross every 30 minutes. Services 52 and 53 are also withdrawn. First frequencies on service 51 is increased to every 7/8 minutes, every 15 minutes on services 55 and 56 and every 8 minutes on the 57 and 58

29 November 2010 Diamond has introduced a 20 minute service on routes 55 and 56 5 minutes ahead of First and increased their service 70 frequency to every 20 minutes. Their peak hour journeys on 57 and 58 are renumbered 57A and 58A following their diversion via the Hospital 

6th September 2010 The times of the services 142 and 143 are altered as a result of changes from the same date on the service 144 from Worcester to Birmingham

2nd August 2010 Diamond has recast their services 57/57A/58/58A meaning virtually all journeys run via the Hospital as 57A and 58A

2nd April 2010 First has recast the times on their services 57/58 meaning their operation starts earlier on a daily basis

24th March 2010 Diamond Sunday service on services 57/57A/58/58A is increased to every 10 minutes

28th February 2010 Diamond have increased their frequency to every 8 minutes on services 57/57A/58/58A with every third bus running via the Hospital giving a frequency there of every 24 minutes

7th February 2010 Daytime times on the Diamond Bus service 70 are adjusted just in front of First and peak journeys run in School Holidays

25 October 2009 The 2300 service 58A journey is diverted via Studley

20 July 2009 First will introduce new commercial services 52 and 53 from the Bus Station to the Alexandra Hospital. Each will operate hourly during the off peak. Service 52 will run via Church Hill, Winyates Green Matchborough East to the Hospital returning via Matchborough West to the Town Centre as a circular service. Service 53 will operate in the opposite direction out via Matchborough West and back via Matchborough East . The peak frequencies on services 55 and 56 are increased to every 20 minutes. Frequencies on the 57 and 58 operated by First will be increased to every 6 minutes.

26 April 2009 The First 26A journeys are withdrawn and the remaining First service 26 journeys are revised. A new hourly service 66 is introduced by First which will run via the current 67 route except to will run through Smallwood (via the 64 route) instead of via Lakeside. Combined with the 67 the routes will provide a half hourly frequency to Studley. The First services 68 and 70 are increased to every 20 minutes during the daytime.

12 April 2009 All X3A journeys will run as X3’s. Diamond will introduce to additional afternoon journeys on Saturdays and School Holidays on services 50 and 64. The Diamond service 51 is reduced to every 15 minutes. Diamond will take over the evening services on 55A, 56A, 57 and 58 from Touch of Class. Frequencies of 55A and 56A are reduced. Evening service on 57 and 58 will run as 57A and 58A. The numbers of 57A and 58A journeys in the daytime are also increased. Diamond will also introduce a half hourly service on the 70 timed just ahead of the First journeys. Service 151 is rerouted to serve Bradley Green partly to replace the withdrawn service 154. A new Callow Hill to Redditch via Feckenham Road service 155 is introduced by Worcestershire Fleet Services. Service 178 is rerouted in Redditch via Birchfield Road instead of Mount Pleasant.

5 January 2009 The daytime frequency of service 146 is reduced to hourly. A number of peak hour service 143 journeys are renumbered 142 and will not run via Charford. Much of the rest of the service 143 is extended to/from Birmingham via the Bristol Road on an hourly basis. Service 69 is withdrawn and all journeys will run as service 68's. The pattern of which 

24 December 2008 Services 55A and 56A on Mondays to Saturdays are withdrawn by Diamond Bus. The frequency of the Sunday service is reduced back to 2 hourly (the requirement of the Worcestershire CC contract)

17 November 2008 Diamond will introduce a Sunday service on route 51 every 20 minutes from 0920 until 1655 and the service 61 is revised so that journeys will start at Sainsbury's and then run via the Bus Station to/from Matchborough East

10 November 2008 First will increase the frequency of routes 55 and 56 to every 20 minutes in each direction. Service 56 journeys from the Bus Station are diverted via Plymouth Road and Service 55 journeys are diverted via Plymouth Road towards the bus station

26th October 2008 Diamond Bus 55A and 56A journeys are diverted via Springvale Road in Webheath and evening journeys were introduced. On Sundays all 55B and 56B journeys will now run as 55A and 56A both on an hourly basis (thus increasing the contracted 2 hourly frequency)

31st August 2008 Stagecoach have introduced an additional 26 journey at 0727 from Stratford and 0830 from Redditch. Service 50 will now be operated by Diamond Bus and will be diverted via Salters Lane, between Hewell Road and Lowfield Lane. Diamond have also introduced a service on the route 51 in competition with First. The Sunday 55 and 56 service is withdrawn and replaced by a new 55B and 56B operated by Diamond route is the same as the evening facility provided by a Touch of Class but will run up and down Bromsgrove Road. Diamond will also introduce a daytime Monday to Saturday service running via the same route as the evening 55A and 56A operated by a Touch of Class on a 15 minute frequency. Journeys on the 55A and 56A will operate at school times via Kingsley College and be numbered 55S and 56S. Harding’s will introduce a new service 60 from the Town Centre to Matchborough West. This will run via Arthur Jobson House at Abbeydale to cover some of the current service 63. Service 61 will now be operated by Diamond and will be diverted via Sainsbury’s Store and Forge Mill Road to partly replace some of service 63. The current service 63 will now only run between the Bus Station and Plymouth Road. Diamond will take over the operation of the service 64. There will be minor timetable changes and the route will no longer serve Sainsbury’s. The Sainsbury's link is now provided by the service 67 which is extended to and from Sainsbury's. A Sunday service of 4 round trips is introduced by Diamond on service 70 and First will retime the Mondays to Fridays 0735 journey to 0730. Diamond will also be introducing school services 75S and 56X. The evening and Sunday service 343 is withdrawn and replaced by 143 journeys operated by Diamond. The current weekday evening journeys on 146 are withdrawn and replaced by an 1830 from Redditch and 1925 from Birmingham operated by Diamond. The service 175 will be operated by Diamond and will no longer serve Redditch. The service 178 and 179 will be operated by Diamond. The current 982/983 services are withdrawn and replace by new 182 and 183 journeys operated by a Touch of Class. The Mondays to Saturdays service 247 is retimed at school times and certain journeys extended to/from Pershore College of Horticulture. The Sunday journeys are renumbered 247. The 333 journeys are now operated by Diamond.
2nd August 2008 The Central Connect journeys on service 350 were transferred to Diamond Bus without change 

8th June 2008 The daytime Monday to Saturday service 51 was increased to every 10 minutes and every 20 minutes on Sundays. On services 55 and 56 these are taken out of Plymouth Road and diverted via Mount Pleasant and diverted to run via the Alexandra Hospital. The First operated journeys on Services 57 and 58 will no longer serve the Alexandra Hospital and the frequency on Sundays is increase to every 20 minutes. Diamond Bus will divert a bus every 40 minutes on Mondays to Saturdays and hourly on Sundays via Alexandra Hospital on their services 57 and 58 (numbered 57A and 58A). Service 68 will now only run in the peaks. In the off peak it is replaced by a new service 69 running half hourly via Batchley and Ashtree Road. Instead of Bromsgrove to and from Webheath. Most service 143 journeys are diverted via Charford in Bromsgrove when running between Redditch and Bromsgrove. As a result of the changes to services 68 and 143 the X3 will observe all stops between the Foxlydiate Inn and Redditch Bus Station along Bromsgrove Road and will run into Bromgrove via New Road in Bromsgrove to cover for the loss of the 143.

10th December 2007 In response to the introduction of a revised service 26 from Stratford to Redditch from 1st October 2007 First are introducing 26A journeys between Redditch and Studley that are timed just ahead of the Stagecoach journeys

29th October 2007 To improve punctuality, the 0803 journey on service 143 from Redditch to Bromsgrove that is op
erated by First will depart 3 minutes earlier at 0800 on Monday to Fridays.

1st October 2007 Stagecoach have withdrawn their service 25 Stratford to Redditch service and replaced it with a new service 26 which has been revised and now provides an hourly service between Stratford and Redditch. Little Alne, Wilmcote and Aston Cantlow are no longer served but Haselor is now included on the route.

2nd September 2007 Service X33 is renumbered X3 and extended from Kidderminster to Areley Kings via Stourport. First will take over the operation of the 0615 journey from Marlbrook to Redditch at 0615 from Harding’s. The times of the Sunday only service 334 are revised with the Redditch town centre to Alexandra Hospital section is withdrawn as are a number of early morning journeys. The frequency of service 51 is reduced back every 15 minutes from every 10 minutes. The first journey on Service 175 from Redditch will run up to 4 minutes earlier and additionally serve Wythall Church. The S57/S58 is revised with some journeys replaced by a revised 143 journey

23 July 2007 Service 154 is re-routed between Feckenham and Ham Green to serve Crofts Lane. The 158 is also re-routed to cover the current 154 routing.

11 June 2007 The evening service 51 operated by a Touch of Class is withdrawn and replaced in part by a revised service 55A and 56A which will be revised to run every 40 minutes and be diverted to additionally serve Batchley and Birchfield Road in Webheath, Touch of Class will also introduced an evening service on the routes 57 and 58 on a half hourly basis.

25 February 2007 Service 60 is withdrawn and replaced in part by a revised service 350. The first departure from Redditch will be 0705, Mondays to Fridays. On service 67 the first departure from Studley will be 0728 on Mondays to Fridays as earlier departures are withdrawn. On Service 68 The first departure from Redditch will be 0700 (Mondays to Fridays) and 0830 (Saturdays). The last departure will be 1800 (Monday to Saturdays). Earlier and later departures are withdrawn. On services 143/343 the following journeys between Bromsgrove and Redditch are withdrawn : 0649 (Sat), 0820 (Sat), 1952 (Sun), 2052 (Mon-Sat), 2152 (Sun), 2232 (Mon-Sat) and 2352 (M-Sat). The following journeys between Redditch and Bromsgrove are withdrawn : 0723 (M-F), 0756 (Mon-Fri), 0801 (Sat), 1945 (Mon-Sat), 2145 (Mon-Sat), 2045 (Sun) and 2300 (Mon-Sat) The 0827 journey from Bromsgrove will not longer continue to St. Augustine's R.C. High School. On service 146 Journeys after 1830 on Mondays to Fridays are withdrawn. The Saturday timetable is unchanged. The 2020 and 2220 journeys from Redditch to Birmingham and the 2102 and 2302 journeys from Birmingham to Redditch are withdrawn on Sundays. On Service 178 The 0630 departure from Redditch (Mondays to Fridays) is withdrawn and the 179 journey from Kings Heath to Redditch is also withdrawn. The service 246 at 2003 from Redditch to Evesham on Fridays and Saturdays is withdrawn. On service 333 the 0614 departure from Kidderminster (Mondays to Fridays) and the 1855 departure from Kidderminster (Mondays to Saturdays) are both withdrawn. On service 334 the last departure from Kidderminster on the Sunday service will now be 1900. The last departure from Redditch on the Sunday service will now be 1800. Later journeys are withdrawn. On service 343 all Mondays to Saturdays evening journeys are withdrawn and the Sunday journeys at 1952 from Bromsgrove, 2045 from Redditch and 2139 from Catshill are withdrawn. On Service 350 the journeys currently operated by Hardings are taken over by Central Connect with a slightly revised timetable. One journey in either direction will operate via Matchborough West to partially replace Service 60 which is withdrawn. The 1710 journey from Worcester - Redditch will only run on schooldays and will terminate at New End

21 January 2007 Due to ongoing anti-social behavior problems the evening services 57 and 58 which were operated by Diamond after 2000 are withdrawn.

8 January 2007 The following changes to the First service 247 were made following public pressure resulting from the changes introduced on 2 January 2007 on Schooldays Only. The 0755 Evesham to Redditch journey will now depart at 0745 and run 10 minutes earlier between Evesham and Badsey Pike. This journey will additionally serve Badsey Village School at 0800. new journeys are introduced at 1525 from Blackminster Middle School to Evesham Bus Station and at 1600 Evesham to Redditch The 1705 Monday Friday journey from Evesham to Redditch is retimed to 1645.

2 January 2007 On service 67 the timetable is adjusted slightly in the early mornings and late afternoons. On service 68 the 0820 journey on Mondays to Fridays is retimed to 0800. One service 70 the 0902 from Redditch will now start at Astwood Bank at 0916. On service 146 frequency during the shopping period is increased to half hourly. On service 247 most journeys from Redditch will operate 5 minutes latter. The 1240 and 1440 journeys from Redditch to Evesham will terminate at Alcester on Mondays to Fridays. The 1730 from Redditch is retimed to 1740 on Mondays to Fridays and 1800 on Saturdays and the 1830 journey is totally withdrawn. Journeys from Evesham are also retimed.

3 September 2006 Service 51 Town Centre to Batchley the daytime frequency is increased to every 10 minutes. Service 55 and 56 are diverted via Plymouth Road. Service 143 the much of the timetable is retimed by 30 minutes - some of the early morning and evening journeys will be operated by Johnson's under contract to the Council. Service X33 is retimed the section between Redditch town centre and the hospital is withdrawn Early morning/late evening journeys are covered by the new subsidised Johnson's 333 service between Kidderminster and Redditch. On Sundays First will operate a new 334 service to cover the current Sunday X33 facility. Service 350 is rerouted in Worcester to serve County Hall and the Sixth Form College.

24 August 2006 The Birmingham Coach Company Ltd has been renamed Go West Midlands Ltd it will now trade as Diamond instead of Diamond Bus. 

21 August 2006 The evening facility on routes 57/8 and operated by Diamond Bus was reinstated with immediate effect.

1 August 2006 The evening facility on routes 57/8, introduced from 12 June 2006 and operated by Diamond Bus was immediately withdrawn on 1st August following a very serious assault on the driver. The last journeys on the 57/8 service are now the First operated journey at 2000.

12 June 2006 Diamond Bus have revised their service 57 and 58 timetable to re-introduce an hourly evening service. One Service 143 all journeys that served Lickey End will terminated at Marlbrook. The 0615 service 143 journey from Lickey End to the Alexandra Hospital is taken over by Harding's Coaches and will start from Marlbrook and run via Birchfield Road in Redditch. The 0827 from Bromsgrove journey will continue to St Augustine School. The 0710 from Evesham to Redditch on service 247 will now start at Alcester at 0758 (the first and last journeys are now subsidised)

22 March 2006 The operation of all services that were operated by People's Express were transferred without change to Diamond Bus (In Redditch this meant journeys on the following routes were transferred - 57, 58, 146, 247 and 343)

27 February 2006 The re-routing of services 55 and 56 via Plymouth Road only lasted one day because of parked cars at the junction Plymouth Road and Evesham Road which meant buses were have problems maneuvering at the junction. The same problem happen last summer when the routes were diverted Plymouth Road due to road works on Mount Pleasant. During Monday 27th the services reverted back to running along Mount Pleasant and the new bus stops on Plymouth Road were bagged out of use.

26 February 2006 A number of journeys on services 25 and 26 (Redditch and Stratford) were very slightly retimed. Services 55 and 56 were diverted via Plymouth Road instead of Mount Pleasant. Service 61A is renumbered 61 and frequency in the daytime is reduced to hourly. A Saturday and Monday to Friday afternoon service is reintroduced on an hourly basis on service 64 Service 67 is reduced to hourly and the timetable of service 68 was slightly revised. The off peak service 178 journey were diverted in Wythall to serve a new bus stop by Wythall Cemetery. Service 246 is withdrawn and all journeys will run as 247 - the diversion round via North Littleton was withdrawn The Redditch to Worcester Flexi Link service 953 was withdrawn.

4 October 2005 A number of early morning Monday to Saturday journeys on the People's Express service 57 and 58 facility were reinstated from this date

4 September 2005 An additional journey from Redditch is introduced on Service 26 to Stratford on Avon at 1720 by Stagecoach. New evening Taxibus services are introduced on routes 51, 55 and 56 by A touch of Class. The service 51 runs every 20 minutes with the service 55/56 running more or less every 40 minutes. The service 55 and 56 journeys also serve the Alexandra Hospital. The 0820 from Redditch and 0846 from Studley journeys on service 67 are withdrawn. The timetable on service 68 is revised but frequencies remain unchanged. The 0835 journey from Redditch to Astwood Bank on service 70 is withdrawn and the times of many other journeys are slightly revised though frequencies are unchanged. The times of the Dudley’s service 83 are revised to meet school requirements. Many of the service 143 journeys between Bromsgrove and Catshill are withdrawn. School Service 881 to King Edwards VI Five Ways School will now start from Redditch instead of Hockley Heath

1 August 2005 The People's Express service on route 51 in Redditch (Town Centre & Batchley) is withdrawn. There is no change to the First service on the route.

13 June 2005 The 0606 service 67 from Redditch on Mondays to Fridays was retimed to 0601 and the return journey from Littlewood Green at 0625 was retimed to 0620. Service 143 was revised to just run between Redditch and Catshill in Bromsgrove with the Catshill to Birmingham section being withdrawn. (A number of peak hour journeys are still extended to/from School Lane in Lickey End). Service 143 will now run hourly between Redditch and Catshill with an additional short journeys between Bromsgrove and Catshill on the opposite half hour. From the same date the route is now inter-worked with the service 93 (Bromsgrove to Charford). To fill a gap in the new Service 143 timetable Hardings Coaches are operating a journey at 0756 from Redditch to Bromsgrove and 0827 from Bromsgrove to Redditch on Mondays to Fridays only.

29 May 2005 The 246 journeys Redditch to Evesham via Greenlands will no longer serve Lakeside (Arthur Street area) and will run directly along Studley Road

28 March 2005 Probus Management Ltd changed it's trading name from Pete's Travel to Peoples Express. The Peoples Express trading name was used originally by a bus company called Salelink Ltd which was taken over by Pete's Travel in 1998

28 February 2005 The evening service on routes 57 and 58 in Redditch was suspended by Pete's Travel 

27 February 2005 The Service X33 (Kidderminster to Redditch) service is diverted via Harvington, Bluntington and Chaddesley Corbett Village. This results in both the service X33 and the 303 (which is inter-worked with the X33) being retimed.

25 February 2005 The period of operation of the Pete's Travel service 51 is slightly adjusted.

4 January 2005 The service 350 journeys at 0735 from New End and 0750 from Inkberrow to Worcester that are operated by Dudley's Coaches are retimed to run 5 minutes later due to traffic congestion in Worcester city centre.

19 December 2004 The 84N weekend night service from Birmingham to Redditch operated by Pete's Travel was withdrawn without replacement

27 November 2004 Pete's Travel will introduce Sunday journeys on Service 58 between 0925 and 1655 on a half hourly frequency to match their Sunday service 57 introduced on 16th August 2004. 

15 November 2004 Evening journeys on services 57 and 58 after 2000 were withdrawn by Pete's following an attack on a vehicle which resulted in a passenger being injured.

1 November 2004 Service 186 (Redditch & Solihull) was withdrawn. A number of new services were introduced by A & M. These are service 517 Redditch & Wootton Warwen, 518 Redditch & Sambourne Lane and 519 Redditch & Solihull via Earleswood (the latter replaces the withdrawn 186)

4 September 2004 There were minor timetable to the services 67, 143 (peaks) and S77 (Hunt End and Ridgeway Middle School). Two afternoon journeys on service 175/8 are adjusted slightly to meet a change in school times at Woodrush High School in Wythall

23 August 2004  Pete's Travel introduced a Monday to Saturday service in competition with First between Redditch town centre and Batchley on service 51. Their service matches the First frequency running 5 minutes ahead of all of their journeys.

16 August 2004 With introduction of a service 51 by Pete's (on 23rd August) the allocation of stands in Redditch bus station are adjusted slightly - Pete's journeys on service 57 and 58 will also run from the bus station from this date. The frequency of the Pete's service on the 57 and 58 is increased to every 10 minutes and the Saturday evening service is withdrawn. A half hourly Sunday service is introduced on service 57 between 0855 and 1640.

24 July 2004 The 1657 journey on service 350 from Redditch to Inkberrow and the service 950 Inkberrow to Longbridge were withdrawn. Both services were operated by Dudley's Coaches

30 May 2004 Worcestershire County Council contracts for the Hospital link services have been renewed and First Midland Red have retained the contracts for services X33, 300 and 303. The timetables have however been revised to improve reliability. Service X33 Redditch and Kidderminster Hospital is diverted via the Bromsgrove Community Hospital and the Sunday service has been reduced to two hourly. First Midland Red had given notice that they were withdrawing the remainder of service 64 (Redditch Town Centre and Woodrow). Following negotiation this service has now been retained by First. The following Monday to Saturday service 146 journeys at 1830 Redditch - Birmingham and 1917 Birmingham - Redditch were taken over by Pete's Travel under contract to Worcestershire County Council 

18 April 2004 Services 51/55/56 frequency of Sunday service halved and evening journeys after 1850 are withdrawn. There are also revisions to the early journeys on Monday to Saturday following withdrawal of County Subsidy. Service 57/8 - Sunday service will start at 0900 instead of 0745 and Sunday evening journeys are withdrawn. Service 60 all First journeys are withdrawn. This means there will be no Saturday service. Service 61A - There are adjustments to early morning journeys on Monday to Saturday and all Sunday journeys are withdrawn. Service 64 - Monday to Friday journeys after 1315 are withdrawn together with the whole of the Saturday service. Services 67, 68 and 70 - There are adjustments to early morning journeys and all Sunday service 70 journeys are withdrawn.  Service 69 - is totally withdrawn. Service 143 route of service is adjusted in Catshill in Bromsgrove to cover for the withdrawn service 94 and adjustments to the time of early morning journeys. The services 82 and 83 are replaced by a new flexiLINK service 982 operated by First. Following re-tendering by the County Council Pete's Travel took over the operation of the evening and Sunday services on 146, 247 and 343 all on a two hourly frequency. From this date First Midland Red no longer operate any evening services after 2000. 

11 April 2004 The two remaining journeys that operate to/from Redditch on Ludlow's service 007 are curtailed to operate between Merry Hill Centre and Bromsgrove. Pete's Travel will introduce a weekend night service 84N in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday mornings at 0030 and 0200 from Birmingham City Centre. Service will operate via the service 84 route (Birmingham City Centre to Hawkesley) and then onto Redditch Town Centre (Church Green) via the Alvechurch Bypass.

21 March 2004 Pete's Travel has extended all evening and Sunday journeys on service 84 (Birmingham City Centre to Hawkesley) to and from Redditch Town Centre (Church Green) via the Alvechurch Bypass.

9 February 2004 Services 50 and 63 were taken over from First Midland Red by Harding's Coaches. Period of operation is slightly shortened. Services 82 and 83 there were slight timing and route changes. There were also changes to the timetable of service 143 which in turn were linked to the withdrawal of service 142 and changes to service 144.

2 November 2003 Terminal point for the Harding's and Dudley's service 350 (Redditch & Worcester) moved in Redditch town Centre from stand L in Unicorn Hill to Stand K in the Bus Station.

27 October 2003 Services 82/3 were reduced to two round trips a day due to poor usage. First Midland Red continued to operate these journeys following renewal of Worcestershire County Council contract.

15 September 2003 Service 51 was divided at Redditch Bus Station into two separate portions. The 51 continued to serve Batchley on a 15 minute frequency. The remainder of the 51 route was covered by the introduction of a 55/56 circular service each on a half-hourly frequency (routes are as old 55/56 except services will use Littlewoods in Crabbs Cross and Windmill Drive instead of Yvonne Road like current 51 service) Off peak journeys will serve the Tesco Store. Service 59 is withdrawn and replaced in part by an enhanced service  57 and 58 (at frequent intervals) with most journeys running via the hospital. Service 78 is withdrawn. The peak hour frequency on services 68 and 70 are reduced to every 30 minutes. The frequency of the 146 is reduced from every 20 to every 60 minutes. The are minor adjustments to the times of the 50, 67 and some Redditch school services. Other routes are unchanged. The period of operation of many town routes is extended until 2000 in the evening to partly cover for the loss of the Pete's Travel services. There are currently no changes to the Sunday services.

4 September 2003 All evening bus services in Redditch operated by Pete's Travel were withdrawn except services 57 and 58) without replacement (services 51, 61A, 70 and 343). The operation of the daytime service 177 in Wythall is transferred from Pete's Travel to Midland Rider. The vast majority of the service X33 is withdrawn by Pete's Travel - First Midland will be taking over the withdrawn journeys under contract to Worcestershire County Council. Also from this date Pete's Travel reintroduced a daytime service on the routes 57 and 58 in Redditch on a commercial basis on basically a 15-minute headway.

1 September 2003 The terminus in Redditch First Midland Red and Dudley's Coaches journeys on services 82 and 83 will move from Stand L in Unicorn Hill to Stand K in the Bus Station.

29 June 2003 Travel West Midlands withdrew their services 145, 175 and 179. Service 145 Bromsgrove & Birmingham  was taken over by Zak's Coaches. The timetable was reduced and service now only operates between Cotteridge (Birmingham) and Bromsgrove. Service 175 Redditch/Wythall & Solihull - Service was taken over by Hardings Coaches with some minor timetable adjustments. The Service 179 - 0630 Kings Heath - Redditch was also taken over by Hardings the 1825 journey from Redditch is not retained. All journeys are under contract to Worcestershire County Council.

25 May 2003 Pete’s Travel withdrew all their remaining daytime journeys on services 57 and 58. Bus services 178 and 179 were taken over by Johnson’s of Henley in Arden from Pete’s Travel and First Midland Red. First Midland Red also took over the daytime operation of service 61A (Redditch Bus Station and Matchborough East) on an improved half-hourly frequency. The times of service 69 are adjusted to allow for the operation of the 61A by First Midland Red.  The Town Centre to Sainsbury’s section of service 64 was withdrawn on Saturdays after 1320 and the school service 147 (Redditch – Alcester) was withdrawn

5 May 2003 The frequency of the service provided in the daytime on services 57 and 58 by Pete’s Travel was further reduced

28 April 2003 There were major First Midland Red changes to Redditch local services from this date – Frequency reduced on routes 51, 57, 58, 59, 68A (renumbered 68), 70. 146 (Birmingham – Redditch – Studley) curtailed at Redditch. Service 67 (Redditch – Hospital) now omits Woodrow South and was extended to Studley on a half-hourly basis via the route of the 146. The service 246 (Redditch – Evesham) was diverted via 67 route between Redditch and Hospital and most off-peak journeys became 247's running via Crabbs Cross. Whittle Bus also took over most of the Monday to Friday service on 60 (Oakenshaw – Redditch – Matchborough West), which has been curtailed to run between Redditch and Matchborough West only. First Midland Red retained the operation of the Saturday service as it was already under contract to the County Council.

14 April 2003 The timetable of Ludlow’s service 007 was revised to basically run between Bromsgrove and Merry Hill with only one journey in each direction running to Redditch - 0955 from Redditch and 1635 from Merry Hill

31 March 2003 The frequency of service provided in the daytime on services 57 and 58 by Pete’s Travel was reduced. A new flexiLINK service 953 is introduced between Inkberrow and Redditch and is operated by Redditch Community Transport on behalf of the County Council;. This new service is designed to link in with the existing service 350

24 March 2003 Minor timetable changes to service 64. The 0750 service 83 Redditch to Bromsgrove will now only run on schooldays.

12 February 2003 Pete’s Travel stopped using Redditch Bus Station and started using Church Green, Windsor Road and Evesham Street (services affected are 51 (evenings only), 57, 58, 61A, 70 (evenings only), 178, 343 (evenings only) and X33)

6 January 2003 First Midland Red withdrew services 51, 57, 58, 59, 61A, 70, 146 (Redditch and Studley section), 343 (Redditch and Studley section) after about 1830 on Mondays to Saturdays. This is due to increasing levels of vandalism and violence in the Redditch area – Pete’s Travel took the services over on much reduced frequencies under contract to the County Council. First Midland Red school services A1 and A2 become contract services and the S83,S84 and S86 are withdrawn without replacement. On service 70 the afternoon journeys will no longer serve Ridgeway Middle School and on the service 146 Journeys will no longer serve Studley High School. The timetable of service 246 is also slightly revised

25 November 2002 To save one vehicle Pete's Travel withdrew a number of 61A and 178/9 journeys. First Midland Red picked the 178/9 journeys up under contract to Worcestershire County Council

22 September 2002 The new Redditch Bus Station opened from this date. The First Midland Red Redditch town service network was completely revised, with cross-town service 51 running from Batchley to Oakenshaw via Redditch, Headless Cross, Mason Road, Littlewoods, Crabbs Cross and Oakenshaw South every 10 minutes in the daytime. This replaces services 51,52,53,54,55 and 56. Services 57 and 58 continue, running every 10 minutes daytime but supplemented over the New Town section by new service 59 from Redditch to the Alexandra Hospital via Matchborough. Service 60 runs from Matchborough West via Safeway, Church Hill South, Redditch and Headless Cross to Oakenshaw Tesco every 30 minutes off-peak. Evening and Sunday services 61/62 run as day-time Pete's service 61A. Service 63 is curtailed at Abbeydale, Church Hill South being covered by the revised service 60. Service 64 is diverted via Lodge Park then loop round Greenlands and Woodrow North and is increased to every 30 minutes off-peak. 65/66 is replaced by 64 and new service 67 which runs from Redditch via Lakeside, the current 71 route and Woodrow South to Alexandra Hospital every 30 minutes. Services 68/68A all run by the 68A route every 20 minutes together with service 70 which is also increased to every 20 minutes. Service 146 runs every 20 minutes from Birmingham to Studley via Redditch and Studley Road, replacing 71. The Redditch - Evesham section becomes 246, also running via Studley Road. 146 has 2 buses per hour on Redditch - Studley, with 246 making a 20 minute headway. Evening and Sunday services continue current route via Crabbs Cross and are renumbered 247. Service 143 is diverted via Birchfield Road and Headless Cross to partly compensate for the loss of services 53/54 along Birchfield Road. Services 50 and 74 are unchanged. Plans for double-deckers were shelved as tree lopping could not be completed in time. The remaining single journey on 178 that First Midland Red was operating was taken over by Pete’s Travel.

8 April 2002 Pete's Travel took over the operation of X33 Kidderminster Hospital and Redditch Alexandra Hospital from First Midland following re-tendering. Also following re-tendering Harding's Coaches has taken over virtually all of the 350 journeys between Redditch and Worcester. The peak hour 350 journey operated by First Midland Red is renumbered to 353 and will now only run between Crowle and Worcester

29 October 2001 First Midland Red withdrew the daytime facilities on services 61/62 Redditch and Matchborough East and virtually all the journeys on the Services 177/78/79 Redditch and Birmingham via Wythall. Pete's Travel took the services over 61/62 services are reduced to a single route 61A. For operational reasons First Midland Red retained the first journey on the service 178. Apart from one morning peak journey Service 143 Redditch and Birmingham stopped running through to/from Alexandra Hospital in Redditch. (This was provided by inter-working with services 177/78/79)

2 September 2001 Services 59/60 Redditch - Matchborough West are diverted via Safeway Store. The Sunday 146 service between Redditch and Birmingham is extended to/from Evesham on a 3 hourly basis. A couple of evening peak journeys service 177 Birmingham and  Redditch are taken over by Midland Rider from First Midland Red. They will now only run between Birmingham and Wythall.  The Peak First Midland Red service 353 Worcester and Feckenham journeys retimed and extended to/from Redditch as a service number 350 running via Inkberrow and Cookhill. A number of First Midland school services were revised due to re-organisation of school catchment areas.