enviro  200 


Like Dennis Darts Diamond Bus has never purchased a new Enviro 200. All the current vehicles of this type have in the main been acquired with the recent purchases of fellow operators Hanson’s of Wordsley and Central Buses. These vehicles have entered the Diamond bus fleet still in their former owner’s livery but with Diamond bus fleet names added. The one exception to this is KX07OOW which has been in the Diamond Bus fleet since 2011. Initially the vehicle operated from the former Long Acre depot under the Central Connect license but as the company was merged with Diamond Bus the vehicle ended up at their Tividale depot. This vehicle has operated alongside mainly Volvo B7 vehicles on the key commercial routes such as the service 16 and 50 in Birmingham.  On 24th April 2022 Rotala acquired the Claribel Coaches operation when a further E200  joined their fleet. With the purchase of the Johnson's bus operation in May 2022 7 ADL E200's joined the Diamond bus fleet.

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Chassis Seating Capacity Allocation
KX57OWM 20512 ADL E200 SFD111AR17GY1050 B29F Withdrawn and sold 1/21
YX09HZB 20524 ADL E200 SFD151AR28GY11070 B29F Kidderminster
KX57OWK 20530 ADL E200 SFD111AR17GY10499 B29F Kidderminster
KX57OWO 20531 ADL E200 SFD111AR17GY10501 B29F Kidderminster
KX57OWP 20532 ADL E200 SFD111AR17GY10502 B29F Kidderminster
MX61BAV 20533 ADL E200 SFD1D1AR5AGY11776 B29F Tividale
KX59CZH 21101 ADL E200 B29F Kidderminster
MK10YOC 21102 ADL E200 SFD1A1AR5AGY11636 B29F Kidderminster
YY15NHX 21103 ADL E200 SFD1D1AR6FGY14934 B29F Withdrawn 3/20 returned to Minstral 7/20
YX65RHA 21104 ADL E200 SFD1D1AR6FGY15063 B29F Withdrawn 3/20 - returned to Minstral 11/20
BU12LJL 21105 ADL E200 SFD1D1AR6CGY13016 B29F Tamworth
BU12LJN 21106 ADL E200 SFD1D1AR6CGY13018 B29F Kidderminster
BU12LJV 21107 ADL E200 SFD1D1AR6CGY12956 B29F Kidderminster
KX07OOW 30929 ADL E200 SFD321AR16G10195 B37F Tividale
BU12LJO 30962 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6CGY13037 B39F Moved to Diamond NW
YX63ZXK 30964 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6DGY13940 B39F Kidderminster
YX63ZXL 30965 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6DGY13941 B39F Tividale
YX64VLZ 30966 ADL E200 SFD8E1AR6EGY14176 B33F Kidderminster
SK15GYA 30971 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6FGY14912 B39F Moved to Diamond NW
YJ16YJH 30975 ADL E200 SFD7S1AR6GGY15618 B39F Moved to Diamond NW
YJ16YJJ 30976 ADL E200 SFD7S1AR6GGY15619 B39F Moved to Diamond NW
YJ16YJK 30977 ADL E200 SFD7S1AR6GGY15620 B39F Moved to Diamond NW
YY15NHO 31102 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6FGY14946 B37F Moved to Hallmark 7/19 and then Diamond NW 9/19


With the purchase of the bus operations of Johnson's of Hemley in Arden from 29th May 2022 seven further E200 single deck vehicles joined the Diamond Bus fleet. All seven had  been purchased new by Johnson's as they gained various TfWM and Warwickshire County Council contracts  All seven were allocated to Redditch on the transfer of the operations and initially were used on the Johnson's services that had been acquired.  With the loss of the Warwickshire County Council contracts from the end of July 2022 the vehicles have seen use on the Redditch town bus services.  By September 2022 3146/7/8/22 had been transferred to Burton on Trent and the remaining 3 to Kiddrminster

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Chassis Seating Capacity Allocation
YY15NJJ 31416 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6FGY14959 B39F Kidderminster
YY15NJF 31417 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6FGY14957 B39F Burton on Trent
YY15NJK 31418 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6FGY14960 B39F Burton on Trent
YY16YLK 31419 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6GGY15503 B39F Kidderminster
YY16YLL 31420 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6GGY15504 B39F Kidderminster
SN66WKA 31421 ADL E200 SFD751AR6GGY15523 B39F Kidderminster
SN66WJZ 31422 ADL E200 SFD751AR6GGY15522 B39F Burton on Trent


With the purchase of Midland Classic on  3rd August 2022 this brought another 11 E200 single deck vehicles into the  Diamond Bus fleet. Unlike  the vehicles that entered the fleet from Johnson's these vehicles had not  all been purchased new by Midland Classic. The oldest five all 12 plate vehicles are dual door and started life in London on red bus contracts. The other six are single door examples  and were a mixture of new and nearly new vehicles when they joined the Midland Classic fleet. All 11 joined the Diamond bus fleet at the Burton on Trent depot.

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Chassis Seating Capacity Allocation
YX12AYZ 31423 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6BGY32766 B31D Burton on Trent
YX12AKK 31424 ADL E200 SFD7E1AR6BGY32771 B31D Burton on Trent
YX12DJE 31425 ADL E200 SFD5D1AR6CGY32974 B29D Burton on Trent
YX12DJD 31426 ADL E200 SFD5D1AR6CGY32973 B29D Burton on Trent
YX12AZW 31427 ADL E200 SFD5D1AR6CGY32971 B29D Burton on Trent
KW14MCL 31428 ADL E200 SFDA7EBAR6EGY1427 B29D Burton on Trent
JB14MCL 31429 ADL E200 SFDA7EBAR6EGY1270 B39F Burton on Trent
JB64MCL 31430 ADL E200 SFD8E1AR6EGY14482 B39F Burton on Trent
YY67USO 31431 ADL E200 SFD7S1AR6HGY16291 B39F Burton on Trent
YY67USF 31432 ADL E200 SFD8S1AR6HGY6481  B39F Burton on Trent
YY67USB 31433 ADL E200 SFD8S1AR6HGY16415 B39F Burton on Trent