Plaxton Primo


The Plaxton Primo was produced between 2005 and 2010 and was the result of close co-operation between Enterprise Bus Ltd (the chassis manufacturer) and Plaxton. The fully welded stainless steel integral chassis final assembly is supplied in right hand drive format as a running unit to Plaxton. Final body assembly is undertaken by Plaxton in Scarborough. The body and chassis design is also available in both 1 and 2 door left hand drive form in Continental Europe. Much of the design of the Primo was put into the styling of the larger Plaxton Centro. Rotala decided to purchase a number initially to operate tendered bus services in the West Midlands but the vehicles were subsequently used on Airport transfer work at a number of London airports for which Rotala using their Flights name had contracts for. The vehicle type did not proved to be the most reliable but a number did remain in the Diamond bus fleet for operating Transport for West Midlands tendered bus contracts.

Registration Number Fleet Number Body type Seating Capacity Current Allocation
BU08ADZ 20007  Enterprise Plasma TS9EB03GS7P130012  B28F Withdrawn 12/18 destroyed by fire 1/19
BU08ACX 20011 Enterprise Plasma TS9EB03GS7P130026 B28F Withdrawn 12/18 destroyed by fire 1/19
BX56BVE 20807 Enterprise Plasma TS9EB03GS7P130026 B28F Withdrawn 12/17
YX56JUE 20808 Enterprise Plasma TS9EB01GS6P130039 B28F Withdrawn 4/18 sold to peters for scrap 1/21
YX56JUC 20809 Enterprise Plasma TS9EB01GS6P130038 B28F Withdrawn 9/19 sold to peters for scrap 1/21
BX56BPY 20812 Enterprise Plasma TS9EB01GS6P130038 B28F withdrawn 1/19 sold to peters for scrap 1/21
BX56BPU 20813 Enterprise Plasma TS9EB01GS6P130015 B28F withdrawn 4/18
BX56BVF  20846 Enterprise Plasma TS9EB01GS6P130043 B28F withdrawn 9/19 sold to peters for scrap 3/20