Dennis Enviro 300

30488-2, 30878/9, 30933,30944-7 

With the sale of Redditch and Kidderminster Garages of First Midland Red to Diamond Bus on 3rd March 2013 VX54MSU, VX54MSY and VX54MTE were included in the sale with Firstgroup retaining all of the other Dennis Enviro 300 vehicles that operated from Redditch Garage. In common with all the other vehicles transferred they were renumbered into the Rotala PLC (Diamond Bus parent company) numbering scheme so 67644 became 30833, 67645 became 30834 and 67646 became 30835. During July 2013 two further Enviro 300's were acquired that had been in service with Hanson's of Stourbridge. During November 2014 Rotala acquired a number of vehicles from Dunn Line in Nottingham including two 10 plate Enviro 300 vehicles which are basically an updated version of the older examples in the fleet.

Registration Number Fleet Number Body type Seating Capacity Date into Service Current Allocation
KV03ZGK 30488 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 0182/3 B44F Apr-15 Withdrawn 1/19 sold to Peter Reddish for scrap 3/20
KW02DRZ 30489 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 2018/2 B44F Apr-15 Withdrawn and then destroyed by Fire 1/19
KV03ZGL 30490 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 0182/5 B44F Apr-15 withdrawn 2/19 sold to Peter Reddish for scrap 3/20
KX54NKF 30491 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 3040/2 B44F Apr-15 Withdrawn 7/19 sold to Peter Reddish for scrap 1/20
KW02DSE 30492 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 2018/4 B44F Apr-15 Withdrawn 1/19
SN10CDF 30878 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300  9307/1 B45F Dec-14 Withdrawn 5/23 - Sold to Deluxe Coaches 5/23
SN10CDK 30879 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300  9307/2 B45F Dec-14 Withdrawn 5/23 - Sold to Deluxe Coaches 5/23
VX54MSU 30933 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 4301/14 B44F Feb-05 Withdrawn 9/19 destroyed by fire  10/19
VX54MSY 30934 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 4301/15 B44F Feb-05 Withdrawn sold to Peters Reddish for scrap 1/20
VX54MTE 30935 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 4301/16 B44F Feb-05 Withdrawn 5/17 - destroyed by fire 1/19 sold to Peters for scrap 4/20
MX55NWL 30944 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 3092/1 B44F Aug-13 Withdrawn 8/18 sold to Peters for scrap 1/21
PO54NNM 30945 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 3040/8 B44F Aug-13 Withdrawn 7/19 destroyed by fire  10/19 
FJ08VPZ 30946 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 6313/3 B44F Aug-12 Withdrawn 10/20 sold to Peters for scrap 12/20
FJ08VRD 30947 Alexander Dennis Enviro E300 6313/5 B44F 3rd Sept 2013 Withdrawn 12/20 sold to Peters for scrap 1/21