Optare Solo


Apart from the purchase of the Optare Solo SR vehicles for the Signature services in Solihull Rotala has never purchased any new Optare Solo vehicles. In recent years a number of vehicles have been added to the fleet in a variety of vehicle lengths and seating capacities. Many of the vehicles used to operate from their Long Acre depot on a mixture of commercial and tendered services. With the purchase of the Redditch and Kidderminster garages in March 2013 a number of the vehicles were redeployed into those garages. However their use has not been without problems because their capacity provides a poor substitute for the larger vehicles First used to operate on these routes.  With the purchase of the Johnson's bus operation in May 2022 2 Optare Solo vehicles 20028 and 20029 joined the Diamond bus fleet

Registration Number Fleet Number Vehicle Chassis Seating Capacity Allocation
CW03XDM 20008 Optare Solo M850 SAB19000000001021 B25F Withdrawn 7/19 - destroyed by fire  10/19
YJ56AUA 20010 Optare Solo  SABDNDAF06L192431 B28F Withdrawn 1/23
MX08MYO 20028 Optare Solo  SABFWGAF08R193041 B29F Withdrawn - sold to Willenhall Commercials for scrap 7/22
YJ08PGX 20029 Optare Solo SABFNGAF08R193010 B32F Redditch
YJ60KBZ 20050 Optare Solo SABDN2ABOAL193699 B27F Tividale
YJ60KHA 20051 Optare Solo SABDN2ABOAL193700 B27F Tividale
YJ60KHB 20052 Optare Solo SABDN2ABOAL193701 B27F kidderminster
YJ60KHC 20053 Optare Solo SABDN2ABOAL193702 B27F Tividale
YJ60LBY 20055 Optare Solo SABDN2AB0AL193698 B28F Withdrawn sold to Peters for Scrap 1/21
YJ60LRY 20056 Optare Solo SABEW3AC0AL193693 B28F Tividale
YJ10MDX 20057 Optare Solo SABDN2ABOAL193672 B24F Tividale
YJ10EZX  20058 Optare Solo   SABFN40AL193654 B33F Tamworth
MX07NUA 20490 Optare Solo SABENMAF07R192638 B28F Withdrawn 1/23
MX57UPW 20522 Optare Solo  SABENMAF07R192695 B33F Redditch
KS03EXG 20538 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001188 B33F Withdrawn 1/20 sold to Peters for scrap 1/21
KS03EXN 20539 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001221 B33F Withdrawn 12/18 sold to Peters for scrap 3/20
KS03EXL 20540 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001219 B33F Withdrawn 11/18 destroyed by fire 1/19
KS03EXM 20541 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001220 B33F Withdrawn 12/20  sold to Peters for scrap 1/21
KS03EXP 20542 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001222 B33F Withdrawn sold to Peters for Scrap 3/20
FX04WFS 20730 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001231 B33F Withdrawn 1/19 sold to Peters for scrap 3/20
FX04WFT 20731 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001232 B33F Withdrawn  destroyed by fire  10/19
FX04WFU 20732 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001233 B33F Withdrawn 11/22 sold to Willenhall Commercials for scrap
FX04WFW 20733 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001381 B33F Withdrawn 6/22 - sold to Willenhall Commercials for scrap 7/22
YM55SVG 20734 Optare Solo  SAB19000000002145 B33F Withdrawn 11/22
YJ59GFX 20735 Optare Solo  SABEN3AF09L193485 B29F Withdrawn 6/22 sold for scrap 10/22
YJ59GFY 20736 Optare Solo  SABEN3AF09L193486 B29F Tividale
YJ10EYS 20737 Optare Solo  SABEN3AF0AL193481 B29F Tividale
YJ10EYT 20738 Optare Solo  SABEN3AF0AL193537 B29F Tividale
YJ10EYU 20739 Optare Solo  SABEN3AF0AL193632 B29F Tividale
YJ10EYV 20740 Optare Solo  SABEN3AF0AL193633 B29F Tividale
YJ60KBP 20741 Optare Solo  SABEN3AF0AL193687 B29F Tividale
YJ60KBU 20742 Optare Solo  SABEN3AF0AL193695 B29F Withdrawn and sold for scrap to Peters for scrap 1/21 
YJ60KFK 20743 Optare Solo  SABDN0SF0AL193635 B29F Tividale
YJ60KFN 20744 Optare Solo  SABDN0SF0AL193637 B29F Withdrawn  due to accident 8/22
YJ60KFL 20745 Optare Solo  SABDN0SF0AL193636 B29F Redditch
YN04LXS 20828 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001459 B29F Withdrawn 1/19 sold for scrap to Peters for scrap 1/21
SF54ORL 20833 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001598 B29F Withdrawn 1/19
YJ54BUA 20839 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001389 B25F Withdrawn 11/22 sold to Willenhall Commercials for scrap
YJ54BUH 20840 Optare Solo  SAB19000000001392 B29F Withdrawn 8/22 Sold to Willenhall Commercials for scrap 10/22
YG02DJZ 20847 Optare Solo SAB19000000000737 B26F Withdrawn 7/19 sold to Peters for scrap 4/20
MX08MZE 20868 Optare Solo  SABFNGAF09R193017 B32F Kidderminster
MX08MZD 20869 Optare Solo  SABFNGAF09R193037 B29F Kidderminster
YJ55BLN 20870 Optare Solo  SAB19000000002132 B29F Kidderminster
SF54ORL 20833 Optare Solo SAB19000000001598 B27F Withdrawn 1/19 sold to peters for scrap 3/20
CX10AUP 20885 Optare Solo  SABFW5AFEAL193652 B33F Tividale
YJ59PKA 20886 Optare Solo  SABDN2AF0AL193598 B24F Tividale
YJ59PKE 20887 Optare Solo  SABDN2AF0AL193601 B24F Tividale
YJ59PKD 20888 Optare Solo  SABDN2AF0AL193600 B24F Tividale
MX57UPT 20912 Optare Solo B28F Tividale
MX57UPS 20913 Optare Solo  SABENMAF07R192693 B28F Kidderminster
YJ06YPV 30638 Optare Solo  SABGWFAE06L192432 B37F Withdrawn 5/23
YJ06YPU 30639 Optare Solo  SABGWFAE06L192430 B37F Withdrawn 8/20 sold to Peters for scrap 1/21