Volvo B7R Single Deck


With the purchase of the Diamond bus business in 2008 from the Go Ahead Group by Rotala PLC a number of new Volvo based vehicles were added to the fleet.  Thirty Four Plaxton Centro bodied vehicles were placed into service at the Tividale depot for Black Country services. Twelve Wright bodied vehicles were introduced at Redditch. These Redditch vehicles were made up of 11 new vehicles plus a nearly new demonstrator vehicle that had spent some of its time in service on the Worcester Park and Ride service. The vehicles at the Tividale depot saw the introduction of the then new Black Diamond livery and at Redditch the Red Diamond livery. A number of the Tividale based buses were soon withdrawn and transferred to the groups Bristol operation for use on University services in that City. The last Whilst many of the vehicles still carry these liveries the standard company fleet livery  colour is now blue.  More recently three second hand Wright bodied examples have been added to the fleet at Tividale. During the first week of December 2013 BU08DHO 30857 was repainted into a silver base livery to promote the launch of a special Redditch edition of the Monopoly game to cerebrate 50 years since the creation of Redditch New Town.

Registration Number Fleet Number Chassis Body Type Seating Current Allocation
BX07BRV 30000 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6227A120172 Plaxton Centro 0610.7LAA6807 B45F Withdrawn following fire 12/20
WX07UOB 30001 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6227A120043 Plaxton Centro 0610.7LAA6805 B45F Kidderminster
BX07KPP 30002 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6227A120042 Plaxton Centro 0610.7LAA6803 B45F Withdrawn 8/22 sold to Truck and Bus 11/22
BX07KPO 30003 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6297A120041 Plaxton Centro 0610.7LAA6805 B45F Withdrawn 8/22 sold to Truck and Bus 11/22
BX07KPN 30005 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6257A119999 Plaxton Centro 0610.7LAA6801 B45F Withdrawn 7/20 Sold to Truck & Bus for scrap 10/21
BX07AYU 30006 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6236A114556 Plaxton Centro 0610.7LAA6799 B45F Withdrawn 7/20 - Reinstate at Diamod NW 8/20
YN08NXL 30406 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6227A120172 Plaxton Centro 0812TGA77827 B45F Kidderminster
YJ56YDO 30407 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6227A120042 Wright Eclipse AA333 B44F Withdrawn 5/23
PO58KPY 30408 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6227A117739 Optare 69705 B43F Withdrawn 9/21 Sold to Deluxe Coaches 10/21
YJ07OZV 30409 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6207A117691 Wright Eclipse AA336 B43F Withdrawn 5/23
YJ07OZW 30410 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6207A117660 Wright Eclipse AA337 B43F Kidderminster
YJ07OZX 30411 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6227A117692 Wright Eclipse AA338 B43F Kidderminster
YJ08POA 30412 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6297A117692 Wright Eclipse AA333 B43F Kidderminster
YJ08PBF 30413 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6297A117740 Wright Eclipse AA339 B43F Withdrawn - sold to Alpha Coaches 7/22
PO58KPX 30493 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6M3259A129578 Optare B43F Withdrawn 9/21 Sold to Deluxe Coaches 10/21
PO58KPU 30494 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6M3279A129534 Optare B43F Withdrawn 8/20  sold to Peter's for scrap 1/21
BX58APX 30501 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6268A128017 Plaxton Centro 0812TNA7852 B45F Transferred to Diamond NW 8/20
BX58APF 30502 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6248A128016 Plaxton Centro 0712TGA8016 B45F Withdrawn 7/22 Sold to Willenhall Commercials for scrap 10/22
BX58AOY 30503 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6288A128018 Plaxton Centro 0812TNA7854 B45F Redditch
BX58AOW 30504 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6218A128197 Plaxton Centro 0812TNA7860 B45F Withdrawn - sold to Willenhall Commercials for scrap  7/22
BX58AOW 30507 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K62X8A128019 Plaxton Centro 0812TNA7857 B45F Redditch
FJ57CYV 30508 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6277A116993 Wright Eclipse AA274 B43F Kidderminster
FJ57CYT 30509 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6277A116991 Wright Eclipse AA262 B43F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19
BX62FEU 30525 Volvo B7RLE  YV3R6R623CA153894 Wright Eclipse AF910 B44F Tividale
BX62FDC 30526 Volvo B7RLE  YV3R6R621CA154042 Wright Eclipse AG409 B44F Tividale
BX62FEM 30527 Volvo B7RLE  YV3R6R623CA154043 Wright Eclipse AG410 B44F Tividale
BU16UYC 30530 Volvo B7RLE  YV3T7U528GA175712  Wright Eclipse AM834  B44F Tividale
BU08DCO 30807 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K62X8A123077 Plaxton Centro 0712TGA7333 B45F Withdrawn 4/23
BU08DCE 30808 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6208A123122 Plaxton Centro 0712TGA7339 B45F Withdrawn 31/5/23
BU08DCX 30809 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6208A123119 Plaxton Centro 0712TGA7337 B45F Withdrawn 12/22
BU08DCF 30810 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6247A122991 Plaxton Centro 0712TGA7332 B45F Kidderminster
WX58FSA 30811 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6238A126452 Plaxton Centro 0812TGA7784 B45F Withdrawn 31/5/23
BX58AOZ 30812 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6218A128006 Wright Eclipse 0812TNA7856 B45F Redditch
FJ57CYW 30813 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6227A116994 Wright Eclipse AA275 B43F Kidderminster
FJ57CYU 30814 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6227A116932 Wright Eclipse AA258 B43F Withdrawn destroyed by fire 8/21
FJ57CYS 30815 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6227A116931 Wright Eclipse AA257 B43F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19 Withdrawn 12/20 Sold to Willenhall Commercials 11/21 for scrap
BX58AOO 30816 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6217A118736 Plaxton Centro 0812TNA7851 B45F Tamworth
BX09SHZ 30821 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6N2299A132619 Plaxton Centro 0912.1TMA8181 B45F Tamworth
BX09SJO 30822 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6N2279A132618 Plaxton Centro 0912.1TMA8180 B45F Redditch
BX09SJU 30823 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6N2269A132772 Plaxton Centro 0912.1TMA8182 B45F Kidderminster
BX09SJV 30824 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6N2289A132773 Plaxton Centro 0912.1TMA8183 B45F Withdrawn - sold to Peters for scrap 1/21
BX09SRO 30825 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6N2229A133000 Plaxton Centro 0912.1TMA8184 B45F Kidderminster
BX09SNV 30826 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6N2219A132999 Plaxton Centro 0912.1TMA8187 B45F Tividale
BX09SNY 30827 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6N2299A132961 Plaxton Centro 0912.1TMA81866 B45F Tividale
BX09SNZ 30828 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6247A119119 Plaxton Centro 0912.1TMA8185 B45F Redditch
BU08DCO 30832 Volvo B7RLE Wright Eclipse AA556 B44F Kidderminster
AE57FXW 30833 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6217A120129 Wright Eclipse AA582 B44F Withdrawn 5/23
KX57MTE 30834 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6227A119166 Wright Eclipse AA559 B44F Withdrawn 31/5/23
BU08DAO 30850 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6278A126616 Wright Eclipse AB496 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19 Moved back to Tividale 11/21 to Redditch 5/23
BU08DBX 30851 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6258A126615 Wright Eclipse AB497 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19
BU08DBV 30852 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6248A126623 Wright Eclipse AB495 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19 Moved back to Tividale 11/21 to Redditch 5/23
WX58FSE 30854 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6238A126824 Wright Eclipse AB499 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19
WX58FRZ 30855 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6218A126627 Wright Eclipse AB498 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19 Moved back to Kidderminster 11/21
WX58FSD 30856 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6236A106585 Wright Eclipse K590 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19 - withdrawn 4/22 sold to Wrigleys for scrap 11/22
BU08DHO 30857 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6258A126792 Wright Eclipse AB500 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19
BU08DHP 30858 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6288A126611 Wright Eclipse AB493 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19
WX58FSC 30859 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6268A126381 Wright Eclipse AB491 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19
WX58FRR 30860 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6238A126614 Wright Eclipse AB494 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19 - withdrawn 4/22 sold to Wrigleys for scrap 11/22
MX07OYT 30861 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6277A119096 Wright Eclipse AB558 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19
BU08MTE 30862 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6238A126614 Wright Eclipse AB494 B45F Moved to Diamond NW 7/19
BK10MFX 30880 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6M32X9A133318 Plaxton Centro 0912TNA8192 B45F Tamworth
BK10MFY 30881 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6M32X9A13331 Plaxton Centro 0912TNA8193 B45F Redditch
SJ04DVH 30882 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6104A010172 Wright Eclipse H281 B45F  Sold  to Willenhall commercials for scrap 10/21
SJ04DVJ 30883 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6124A010173 Wright Eclipse H283 B45F Sold to Peters for scrap 1/21
SJ04DVL 30884 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6124A010174 Wright Eclipse H284 B45F Sold to Peters for scrap 1/21
SJ04DVM 30885 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6G6124A010175 Wright Eclipse H285 B45F  Sold  to Willenhall commercials for scrap 10/21
BX62FGD 30923 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6R621CA153461 Wright Eclipse AF944 B44F Tividale
BX62FZL 30924 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6R621CA153778 Wright Eclipse AF905 B44F Tividale
BX62FAF 30925 Volvo B7RLE  YV3R6R623CA153779 Wright Eclipse AF907 B44F Tividale
BX62FBF 30926 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6R627CA153798 Wright Eclipse AF906 B44F Tividale
BX62FZP 30927 Volvo B7RLE  YV3R6R628CA153891 Wright Eclipse AF909 B44F Tividale
BK13NZO 30938 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6R624DA160309 Wright Eclipse AH752 B44F Withdrawn 2/20
BK13NZR 30940 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6R624DA160323 Wright Eclipse AH754 B44F Withdrawn 2/20
BK13NZS 30941 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6R626DA160324 Wright Eclipse AH755 B44F Withdrawn 2/20
BK13NZT 30942 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6R628DA160468 Wright Eclipse AH756 B44F Withdrawn 1/20
BK13NZU 30943 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6R627CA154045 Wright Eclipse AG413 B44F Withdrawn 3/20
BL13SWX 30949 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6R622DA160580 Wright Eclipse AH758 B44F Withdrawn 4/20
AE59EHO 30950 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6259A133193 Plaxton 0912TNA8451 B44F Withdrawn 12/22
AE59EHP 30951 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6289A133205 Plaxton 0912TNA8195 B44F Kidderminster
AE59EHR 30952 Volvo B7RLE YV3R6K6259A133193 Plaxton 0912TNA8193 B44F Kidderminster

30402 - LF51CYC

LF51CYC started life in London working for Go Ahead London General company as a dual door vehicle with the fleet number VWL1. The vehicle was used on 486 from South Corydon to Elephant and Castle Station. After operating in London the vehicle joined the South Gloucestershire fleet and end up running for the Rotala operation in Bristol when it was re-registered A6UOB for use on the University of Bath contract and the vehicle was repainted blue and branded for the U18 service. The vehicle was converted to a single door arrangement.  Following changes in the services the vehicle was transferred to the West Midlands operation and entered service at the Long Acre depot. When this depot closed during 2015 the vehicle was transferred to Redditch

Registration Number Fleet Number Chassis Body Type Seating Current Allocation
LF51CYC 30402 Volvo B7L YV3R7G61621000899 Wrights F56 B39F Withdrawn 12/18 sold to Peters for Scrap 4/20