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Norgrove starts to take shape

Over summer 2020 we started the construction of our new Norgrove layout by making a full sized mock up of the layout, out of otherwise scrap MDF, to finalize the design of the baseboards. This process has proved beneficial in evolving the design. 

Just before the November 2020 lockdown we started the construction of the actual baseboards using the mock up ones as temples.


Progress by December 2020 - We had built the permanent baseboard frames and legs. The next stage is to make the permanent tops (pictures below show the temporary ones made of MDF and not plywood taken from the temporary boards)
View down the layout from what will be the town end of the layout View down the layout from the end that will dominated by the oil terminal and by-pass road.
Progress by March 2021 - We had laid all of the track
Track laying in progress  All the track laid